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In Memory Of:

Charlie "Sako" Sahagian
1960 - 2007

Sako Sahagian

Charlie "Sako" Sahagian, son of Khoren Sahagian (Armenia) and Alice Koyoumjian (Turkey) was born on December 16, 1960 in Detroit, Michigan. He was educated in Detroit and served in the United States Army Reserves (1978) at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. Charlie was a gifted musician and entertainer (concerts, churches, parties, weddings, adult day care centers, volunteering.) He had a great love and respect for the elderly and for children. Charlie was a missionary to Uganda East Africa, Rwanda, Berundi, Peru and Mexico. He was a member of the Rock Four Square Church in Highland Park, CA and the Church of the Living World of God in Los Angeles, CA. Charlie is survived by his loving mother, Alice Sahagian, wonderful brother and sister-in-law, Johnny and Christina Sahagian, beloved nephews, Khoren and Aram Sahagian, and devoted friends and fellow missionaries John and Rosemarie Kizirian, Tony Nicholas, Kleon Dovan, Robin Hutchens and Vincent Di Paolo and all who could not be mentioned. Charlie "Sako" Sahagian will be missed by all.

 Yervant Khamtrashyan
1947 - 2003

Yarvand Khamtrashyan

Yarvand Khamtrashyan was born in Syria in 1947. He became interested in music during his junior high school years. His very first public performance was in 1962, at the age of fifteen in his hometown and place of birth, Al Haskah, Syria. At the age of seventeen, his family moved to Armenia. He graduated from college in 1971 and began working in a theatrical compan, but singing was his real passion. For the next several years he worked with the theatre by day, and was a musician by night. He married in 1972 and after the collapse of the USSR in 1990 he immigrated to Los Angeles, California with his wife and four children: Joseph, Sevak, Avo, and Noiem. Shortly after his arrival in Los Angeles, he met Wael Kakish and began performing with him locally. He became part of Kan Zaman when it was formed four years later. With Kan Zaman he carried on his dream to perform authentic Arabic music for an appreciative audience. He had a great voice and became known in the community as the Farid el-Atrache of America. He was featured at the Kan Zaman concert on June 2, 2002 singing
Khatama Assabru to his own Ud accompaniment.  He passed away on January 1, 2003.



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