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Upcoming Events


Traditional Arabic Music Ensemble Class at Pasadena City College
Instrumental, percussion and vocal

Spring Semester - Tuesdays 6:50pm – 10:00pm
Traditional and Western instruments (All levels are welcome)

For registration online, go to:
Click on Apply & Register

Kakish - Course # 38D - Section code: 5105

or apply in person at the registration Dept. building # L

Middle Eastern Drumming Class at Barnsdall Arts Center:
next session starts on:

Classes are held at the Barnsdall Arts Center  located at: 4800 Hollywood Blvd.
one block south of Vermont. Classes are open to all levels, everyone is welcome. 
Each session runs for 8 Fridays, 2 hours each for a very small fee. 

using one of these popular Middle Eastern drums: Darabukka or Egyptian Tabla (goblet drum), Riqq (tambourine) or Bendir (frame drum), or bring your own drum.

The class includes some live music performed by the instructor or other visiting artists, you get to
drum and accompany the musician who will be playing different kinds of instruments ranging from
Turkey, Iran and the Middle East, depending on the guest artist (when available).

Previous Art Night

For information & registration, please call: 
(323) 644-6275

Barnsdall Art Center
4800 Hollywood Blvd. (on Vermont)
Los Angeles, CA  90027

Private Lessons for Oud (Arabic lute)

Learn how to play major maqamat (modes)
Major iqa’at (rhythms)
Music theory, forms & history.

For more details, please contact Wael Kakish at: (626) 432-8235
-mail: lessons@kanzaman.org


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