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     Arabic music is becoming popular world-wide. It is made up of an astonishing variety of folk, classical, and popular musical
     traditions. Many of these have survived for centuries, reflecting the musical sensibilities of the ancient world as well as the Middle
     Ages. While each region within the Arab World has its distinctive styles, commonalities of instrumentation, modal structure,
     rhythmic patterns, performance techniques, and lyric content extend across the area, forming a fascinating weaving of artistic
     tradition that changes and evolves while remaining true to its ancient heritage. In the last decades, a growing global audience has
     come to appreciate the richness of this music.

     The Kan Zaman Community Ensemble takes the spirit of al-Andalus (Andalucian Spain) as its inspiration. From the 8th to 15th
     centuries CE, the Arab empire in Spain, al-Andalus, was a liberal forum for musicians from the Middle East and Europe to exchange
     ideas. It had a profound impact on the development of both European and Arabic music. Kan Zaman carries on that tradition by
     promoting respect for the music and culture of the Arab world through its performances.

     The following articles provide a variety of views and insights into Arabic music, the music of Kan Zaman, and the people
     behind the ensemble.


     Introductory paragraph based on the mission statement (RFD) of the internet newsgroup, rec. music. Arabic, written by
     Kay Hardy Campbell. Used with permission. For more information on the newsgroup, please visit
The Arabic Music web page.

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